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SEPTA Transit Watch

Maintaining a secure transit system takes everyone's participation. Customers can be an important part of our safety program, offering additional eyes and ears to assist SEPTA Transit Police. Now you can help our Officers more quickly respond to situations when you use our newest technology tool - SEPTA Transit Watch.

SEPTA Transit Watch is a new mobile app for Apple and Android phone users - that enables customers to discreetly and confidentially report security or safety issues directly to SEPTA Transit Police in less than 20 seconds.

Created by Elerts, the app makes it possible to:

  • Immediately Report an Incident - either by CALLING the police directly or you can SUBMIT a description of what you observe and the GPS location of the problem. If you're sending a message, use the menu to select the type of report you're submitting then select your location. You'll also have the option to include a photograph or video. When taking a photo using the app, your smartphone flash is automatically turned off so no one around you will be aware that you are taking a picture.
  • You can discretely provide the information - it will appear that you are just texting on your phone and you can send in a report anonymously - if you wish.

The app does have a two-way communication feature and the SEPTA Police Dispatcher who receives your report may ask for more details or provide instructions on what you should do next. This will be through the app, not a phone call and you will be able to respond.

  • BOLO Alerts or "Be On the Look Out" messages may be sent to customers regarding a person of interest being sought, a missing person, or criminal suspect. Just as you can submit a report confidently, you can also alert the Transit Police if you see the individual from the BOLO Alert without directly engaging with the person.

Downloading the SEPTA Transit Watch app and setting it up only takes a few minutes:

SEPTA Transit Watch

Open the app and follow these steps to set up your phone:

  • Tap "Yes, I agree," to agree to ELERTS Legal Agreement
  • Allow for notifications
  • Click Start Using
  • Fill in user information
  • Allow for access to location

How to Report an Issue

  • Tap Select Report Type to add an appropriate description
  • Select Report Location
  • Enable Anonymous if you want to send the report anonymously
  • Enter in your text message
  • If including photo or video - Tap the camera icon to open the camera
  • Tap Send

Take a Photo

SEPTA Transit Watch creates an important new two way channel of communications that will make it possible for customers and the Transit Police to communicate, in real time, and that will enhance safety and security throughout the SEPTA Transit system.