Safety is a top priority for SEPTA at all times. Developing a strong safety-first culture includes educating customers on how to safely ride the system.

For this year's Safety Day, SEPTA has teamed up with the students, teachers, and parents of Saint Mary Interparochial School of Philadelphia to help spread the message to BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. In the slideshow below, you can view student artwork about making the safe choice.

  • Nora Grade K Nora Grade K
  • Vincenzo Grade 1 Vincenzo Grade 1
  • Sora Grade 2 Sora Grade 2
  • Abigail Grade 3 Abigail Grade 3
  • James T. Grade 3 James T. Grade 3
  • Fiona Grade 4 Fiona Grade 4
  • Sarah Grade 4 Sarah Grade 4
  • Isabelle Grade 5 Isabelle Grade 5
  • Madison Grade 5 Madison Grade 5
  • Maria Grade 6 Maria Grade 6
  • Sela Grade 6 Sela Grade 6
  • Lauren Grade 7 Lauren Grade 7
  • Marley Grade 7 Marley Grade 7
  • Jade Grade 8 Jade Grade 8
  • ALWAYS hold onto your children's hand when waiting for transit services
  • Don't let your children wander - transit areas are busy places
  • Stay behind the yellow line on station platforms
  • If you're standing while you ride, HOLD ON TIGHT to the poles or seat rails
  • Watch your step closely and make sure you have a firm footing when getting on or off
  • Read posted emergency evacuation instructions so you'll know what to do in the event of an emergency. Be ALERT for instructions from the Conductor/Operator or authorized personnel