Safety is the foundation for everything we do. As part of our Make the Safe Choice safety program this year, we wanted to let some of our customers who know our system best do the talking. The pictures below were illustrated by students at AIM Academy in Conshohocken - just a quick walk from Miquon Station along the Manayunk/Norristown Regional Rail Line.

We encourage you to interact with the materials and safety tips below and share them with your friends and family. To learn more about Make the Safe Choice, visit the Safety section for tips, videos, games and other materials.

VIDEO: Make the Safe Choice Safety Day Press Conference

Respect the Train
  • Addison Addison
  • Brianna & Otelia Brianna & Otelia
  • Drew Drew
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth
  • Julian Julian
  • Maddy Maddy
  • Max Max
Regional Rail Customer Safety Tips
  • Stay BEHIND the yellow line on the station platform
  • Be ALERT for Express trains — don’t assume every train is stopping at your station.
  • ALWAYS be aware of the gap between the train and the station platform
  • DON’T lean against the doors or hold them open
  • NEVER attempt to board or exit a moving train — avoid the risk of serious injury — WAIT for the next train
  • DON’T pass between the cars when the train is moving — WAIT until you arrive and stop at a station
  • Be COURTEOUS – allow riders off the train before you attempt to board and move into the car to keep exits clear for other riders
Driver Safety Tips For Travel Bear Regional Rail
  • STOP when you see and hear activated flashers, bells, and gates — the train has the right–of–way
  • NEVER stop on a crossing, especially if you’re in a line of traffic — even if no trains are in sight
  • NEVER travel into a crossing until the flashing lights go out completely. There may be a second train coming from the opposite direction that will re-activate the gates
  • NEVER assume that trains don’t run here anymore…they DO regardless of what you think
  • NEVER assume the train is going to slow down or stop because there is a rail station next to the crossing
  • Trains approaching a highway grade crossing are traveling at their normal speeds because they’re NOT stopping
  • DON’T attempt to beat the train to the crossing — the train ALWAYS WINS