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  POLICE | Crime Reward Program

Effective: February 13, 2018
Updated: March 12, 2018

I. Background and Purpose

SEPTA is committed to maintaining a high level of safety for its customers and employees. To maintain a safe environment, SEPTA has increased its Transit Police presence, including an increase in police bus checks, installed cameras on property and in vehicles and provided additional training for employees.

The Authority is implementing this Crime Reward Program (the "Program") to provide another safety measure to encourage citizens to report specific, violent crimes, on SEPTA's vehicles or property, as outlined below.

II. Definitions

A. Essential Information - information, independent from that obtained or discovered by law enforcement, which is indispensible in establishing probable cause to arrest a person or persons for any of the following crimes:

  • 1. Aggravated Assault, either a felony of the first degree or a felony of the second degree.

  • 2. Recklessly Endangering Another Person, a misdemeanor of the second degree.

B. Voluntary - acting or done of one's own free will without coercion, compulsion, legal obligation, or promise of anything not contained in this policy.

C. Arrest - The detaining, processing, and charging of an individual with any crime outlined in paragraph (III)(A)(collectively the "Crimes"). The individual must plead guilty, plead nolo contendere, or proceed to either a bench or jury trial. The individual does not have to be found guilty at the bench or jury trial.

D. Reward - a monetary payment of up to $1,000.00 for Voluntary, Essential Information, leading to an Arrest.

E. Crime Reward Review Committee -the Chief of the SEPTA Transit Police, (the "Chief") shall appoint a SEPTA Transit Police Officer with the minimum rank of Lieutenant, a designee from SEPTA's Operations Division with a title of Director or higher, or his or her designee, and the assigned investigator to the Crime Reward Review Committee.

III. Payment of Rewards

A. A person who has Voluntarily provided Essential Information leading to the Arrest of a person or persons for the Crimes shall be entitled to the Reward, or a portion thereof, unless payment would be contrary to public policy. This person or persons shall be referred to as a claimant or claimants.

B. An assigned investigator may file a claim on behalf of another person who provided that investigator with Essential Information that led to an Arrest by sending a memorandum to the SEPTA Transit Police Chief.

C. The Crime Reward Review Committee shall have authority to determine the eligibility of any person or persons to receive a Reward. The Crime Reward Review Committee shall obtain from the assigned investigator a copy of the investigative file detailing the information provided by the claimant, a procedural update of the underlying case and a recommendation from the assigned investigator as so whether the claimant is entitled to receive a Reward based on the information provided and the result obtained.

D. The Crime Reward Review Committee reserves the right to allow only one Reward where several persons have been Arrested of the same offense or where one person has been Arrested for several offenses, unless circumstances entitle the person to a Reward on each Arrest.

E. If the Crime Reward Review Committee approves a request for a Reward or a portion thereof, the Chief shall forward a memo to the General Manager with a recommendation to pay a Reward and the amount of that Reward. The General Manager shall approve or deny all Reward requests from the Chief.

F. If the Crime Reward Review Committee disapproves any request for a Reward or a portion thereof, the Chief or his designee shall notify the claimant in writing of the Crime Reward Review Committee's decision, along with the justification for the decision.

IV. Conflicting Claims

When more than one claimant applies for the payment of any Reward offered by SEPTA, the Crime Reward Review Committee shall determine who, if anyone, the Reward shall be paid, and if to more than one person, in what proportion to each. The total Reward issued shall not exceed $1,000.00 per Arrest.

V. Juveniles

Prior to acting upon Essential Information from a juvenile, the assigned investigator must obtain a signed, written consent from the juvenile's parent, guardian or a judicial officer. The consent will become part of the investigative file.

VI. Ineligible Persons

The Following persons are not eligible to receive any portion of a Reward under this program:

1. Elected Officials.

2. SEPTA employees and members of their immediate family.

3. Any person that provides Essential Information for consideration in any plea bargain, request for leniency at sentencing or any other negotiated settlement with any governmental facility or agency.

4. Any person that provides Essential Information who is a fugitive or otherwise "wanted" by law enforcement for a felony criminal offense.

5. Any person that provides Essential Information with ulterior motives contrary to public policy.