Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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Press Releases

December 06, 2010
SEPTA Urges Riders to Contact Elected Officials to Save Commuter Tax Benefit

November 15, 2010
SEPTA Takes Part In National Escalator And Elevator Safety Awareness Week

November 08, 2010
SEPTA's 'Slippery Rail' Season In Full Swing

October 29, 2010
Silverliner V Train Makes Debut On SEPTA's Regional Rail

October 22, 2010
'A Good Book Is A Great Treat'

October 15, 2010
Two SEPTA Stations Now 'Hot Spots' For Customers

October 07, 2010
SEPTA Celebrates Completion of North Wales Station Renovations

August 30, 2010
SEPTA To Save Millions of Dollars on Electricity Procurement

August 26, 2010
SEPTA Seeks Federal Funding For New Payment Technology Program

August 25, 2010
Regular Delco Trolley Service Resumes Monday As Stimulus Construction Concludes

August 12, 2010
Broad Street Line "Sports Express" Service Set For Philadelphia Eagles Preseason Football Game

August 11, 2010
SEPTA Alerts Available Through ReadyNotifyPA

August 02, 2010
Grade Crossing Renewal To Affect Roadway Access In Delaware County This Month

July 30, 2010
Select Station Names To Change On Route 101 and 102 Trolleys/Norristown High Speed Line

July 21, 2010
SEPTA Regional Rail Schedules Change Sunday

July 06, 2010
SEPTA Takes Proactive Approach To Battling Excessive Heat

June 29, 2010
SEPTA Fare Adjustments Take Effect Thursday, July 1

June 25, 2010
SEPTA Unveils Revitalized Historic Wayne Train Station

June 24, 2010
SEPTA Board Approves Station Naming Rights Agreement

June 17, 2010
SEPTA Marks Completion of Improvements to Bells Corner Loop

June 04, 2010
SEPTA GM Casey Stresses Urgent Need For Transit Funding Fix

June 02, 2010
SEPTA To Provide Extra Regional Rail Service To Weekend Cycling Championship

May 28, 2010
SEPTA Broad Street Line Service Set For Flyers Stanley Cup Finals At Wachovia Center

May 27, 2010
SEPTA Board Approves Fiscal Year 2011 Budgets

May 13, 2010
Chat Now: SEPTA Call Center is Open for Online Chats

May 06, 2010
SEPTA Adding Extra Race For The Cure Service Sunday

May 06, 2010
SEPTA Celebrates National Train Day With A Public Debut of the New Silverliner V Rail Cars

May 05, 2010
Gov. Rendell Calls For More SEPTA Funding

April 30, 2010
SEPTA Celebrates North Philadelphia Station Overhaul

April 29, 2010
From 'Start' To 'Finish' SEPTA Set For 31st Annual Broad Street Run

April 27, 2010
SEPTA Broad Street Line Service Set For Flyers Stanley Cup Finals At Wachovia Center

April 19, 2010
YAC Seeks Feedback From Young SEPTA Riders

April 09, 2010
SEPTA Ready For Phillies' Home Opener

April 06, 2010
SEPTA Statement Regarding Federal Rejection of Tolls for I-80

April 05, 2010
SEPTA Kick's Off Commuter's Choice Campaign

April 02, 2010
Report: Other Transit Agencies Share SEPTA's Funding Pain

March 25, 2010
Stimulus Construction To Close Girard Station

March 25, 2010
Stimulus Construction To Temporarily Relocate Shuttle Bus Stops In Delaware County

March 12, 2010
SEPTA Unveils Fiscal Year 2011 Capital & Operating Budgets

March 11, 2010
SEPTA Center City Buses Detoured During St. Patrick's Day Parade

March 11, 2010
Route 101 and 102 Schedule Changes Among Suburban Transit Victory Divsion Route Modifications

March 02, 2010
First Shipment Of New Silverliner Rail Cars Arrives In Philadelphia

February 17, 2010
Weekend Construction to Alter Broad Street Line Service

February 09, 2010
SEPTA Storm Plans For Wednesday, February 10

February 05, 2010
SEPTA Announces New Storm Policy

February 04, 2010
Expected Severe Weather Cancels Scheduled Work This Weekend

February 02, 2010
SEPTA Youth Advisory Council Kicks Off Service Evaluation Process With Youth Rider Survey

January 29, 2010
SEPTA Independence Pass Puts you on the Fast Track to the 2010 Philadelphia International Auto Show

January 25, 2010
SEPTA Riders Raise $40,000 for Haitian Earth Quake Victims

January 19, 2010
"Did You Find Love On SEPTA?"

January 15, 2010
Helping Haiti: SEPTA Assisting With Earthquake Relief

January 13, 2010
Regional Rail Schedule Changes Beginning Sunday, Jan. 17

January 06, 2010
Stimulus Construction To Cause Late Evening Closures At Fairmount Station