Beginning July 13

  • Tap On/Tap Off for fare validation launches
    • Center City turnstiles will be set for TAP TO EXIT
    • Introducing EXIT FARE KIOSKS - cash currently not being accepted on the train. You must purchase a fare before exiting a Center City station
  • Travel Wallet Launches
    • Replaces paper tickets and cash with one convenient, reloadable Key Card
  • Cross County Passes available on a Key Card

Tap On/Tap Off

The fare for travel on Regional Rail is based on the zone you are riding to/from. With SEPTA Key, this means that you need to Open and Close your trip by tapping a Card at Validator. Platform validators are located at outlying stations and the Center City stations have turnstile Validators for entry/exit.

Until now, we have not asked Key Card users to tap at the Validators to open or close a trip but now with the turnstiles at Center City Stations being set to require Tap/Swipe to exit and the launch of Travel Wallet it is important that you TAP*RIDE*TAP to ensure that you receive the proper and most discounted fare.

  • Weekly/Monthly TrailPass - the same applies - you need to tap On/tap Off so that the Key system can validate that you are riding with the correct zone Pass

Tap Forgiveness

We want to encourage the TAP*RIDE*TAP practice but we know there may be a time when you forget so we are introducing Tap Forgiveness for Registered Key Cardholders purchasing Weekly or Monthly Trail and Passes.

  • To help Regional Rail customers fully transition to SEPTA Key we are offering Tap Forgiveness for all Key Cards with passes- Registered and Unregistered - through Labor Day. Registering a Card only takes a few minutes so please take care of that as soon as possible

Travel Wallet for Regional Rail

The SEPTA Key Card is a reloadable contactless chip card that can be customized to suit your travel needs. With the launch of Travel Wallet on Regional Rail, your Key Card becomes a convenient replacement for paper tickets. Due to COVID-19, SEPTA is not accepting cash on the train right now so a Key Card with Travel Wallet is the answer.

How it works is very simple. Put money on your Key Card Travel Wallet and it becomes your "ticket" (at the advanced sale price) whenever you are ready to ride. Today, tickets are only good for 180 days. With Key, the money in your Travel Wallet is always available to pay a fare.

Key Cards can be loaded/reloaded online or in person. The best part might just be the value. With Travel Wallet you will always be charged the lowest discounted price available.

Using Travel Wallet

When using the Travel Wallet it is important to tap on/off to ensure the proper fare is deducted from the wallet. At the Center City stations you will tap at the turnstiles; at the outlying stations you will tap your Card at the platform Validator.

Your Trip

  • Tap your Key Card at the turnstile or platform Validator to OPEN your trip
    • Key Cards do not have to physically touch the Validator to be read - just hover your Card over the screen and wait for the green check
  • Tap your Key Card at the turnstile or platform Validator to CLOSE your trip before exiting the station
    • Senior Key Card- tap on/tap off
    • Reduced Fare Key Card - tap on/tap off
      • Must have money in the Travel Wallet

A Different Way to Use Cash

  • Customers who board a train without a fare who want to pay cash will now have to pay in Center City Before Exiting the Station
    • New EXIT ONLY Fare Kiosks are located at mezzanine or concourse level of the Center/City Station INSIDE the paid fare area
      • Weekday Exit Quick Trip - $6.75

      • Evening/Weekend Exit Quick Trip - $5.25
    • Purchase an Exit Quick Trip then Swipe at the turnstiles to exit the station
    • Exit Kiosks can also be used to load Travel Wallet funds before tapping out
  • At the Center City Stations, Customers using cash must purchase a Quick Trip from a Fare Kiosk before going through the turnstile. Hold on to your Quick Trip in case the Conductor wants to validate your fare

More New Fares on a Key Card

  • Weekly and Monthly Cross County Passes become available in July
    • Weekly Cross County Pass - Week of July 13
    • Monthly Cross County Pass - August Pass goes on sale July 20
      • August will be the last month to purchase a paper Cross County
  • All children, under the age of 12, riding with a fare paying adult FREE

Managing Your Key Card

As soon as you get your Key Card, go to or contact the SEPTA Key Call Center, set up an account, and register your Key Card. This will protect your Travel Wallet funds/Pass Products in the event the Card is ever lost or stolen, and set you up for the Tap Forgiveness benefit

  • Register to protect your Card and Fare Products
    • $4.95 purchase price credited to Card Travel Wallet if registered within 30 days of purchase

Load/Reload Your Key Card

The SEPTA Key program offers a range of options to load/reload Passes & Travel Wallet:

Contactless - Save Time/Contact Free

  • SEPTA Key app
  • SEPTA Key Customer Call Center (1.855.567.3782) - agent or automated system

If you select the online or Call Center option you can set up an auto-load account and your Travel Wallet funds will be automatically reloaded without having to wait in line


  • Regional Rail - Center City/Outlying Station Sales Offices & Fare Kiosks
  • Transit Sales Offices & Station Fare Kiosks
  • External (non-SEPTA) neighborhood/community Retailers

What Else You Need to Know

  • Employer/Transit Benefit Programs
    • Paper Passes and 10 strip Tickets are going away and ALL Programs will be converting to SEPTA Key. If you haven't already received information from your Travel Benefits provider about how to transition to SEPTA Key, keep an eye out, details will be send shortly
  • Outlying Regional Rail Ticket Offices started reopening June 29 for Key Card and Ticket Sales ONLY
    • Waiting and Restroom Facilities will remain closed
    • All other Ticket Office facilities will reopen by the end of July - check back for details
  • Daily Parking/Permit Parking fees remain suspended - information will be posted on and at stations when parking fee payment resumes

Key & Travel Wallet FAQ's

Why Do I Need to Tap On & Off
The fare you pay on Regional Rail is based on the zone you are riding to/from. To ensure that the correct Zone fare is deducted from your Travel Wallet you have to Open and Close each trip by tapping on and off. If you do not tap on at the start of your trip you will be charged the highest fare when you tap out because the system will have no way of knowing the Zone where you boarded the train

Instead of Tapping at the Validator can I have the Conductor open my trip?
Yes, the Conductor canopen a Travel Wallet trip using their handheld device but we really encourage you to develop your own tap on and tap off habit.

Do I Still Need to Show My Key Card to the Conductor if I Tap On?
Yes. On board the train, the Conductor may ask to validate your Key Card and they will tap it on their handheld device. All this does is confirm that you opened your trip - it will not deduct any additional money from your Travel Wallet.

What do I do if my Key Card is lost or stolen?
If your Card is registered, just contact the SEPTA Key Call Center at 855-567-3782 to report a lost or stolen Key Card. Purchase a New Key Card and add it to your account, and the funds and Pass Products from your lost Card can then be easily transferred online to the new Key Card. If the Card is not registered there is nothing that can be done so please take the time to protect your fare.

COVID-19 Travel Reminders

  • Customers MUST wear a mask/face covering when riding

  • Practice Social distancing - observe platform decals/seat barrier decals

  • Outlying Ticket Offices reopening with Social Distancing restrictions