Prepaid Paper Tickets No Longer Accepted on Regional Rail Beginning April 2, 2021

The sale of prepaid paper tickets – single/10 trip – ended October 1, 2020. These tickets are valid for 180 days from the date stamped on the back of the ticket

Beginning Friday, April 2, 2021, prepaid paper tickets will no longer be accepted for fare payment on board trains or at the Center City Station farelines

Fare Payment Options:

SEPTA Key Card - A convenient, reloadable, contactless chip Card. Load with:

  • Travel Wallet funds replaces paper tickets and cash - offers the lowest available fare whenever you travel
  • Weekly (56 rides) or Monthly (240 rides) TrailPass best value for daily riders
  • New Independence Pass - 3 Pass Bundle - offers economical travel convenience. Each Independence Pass in the bundle is good for 10 trips taken on a single day
    • Good on Regional Rail & Transit
    • Remaining Passes in the bundle can be used at any time

Cash on Board - Conductor will issue a cash fare receipt but you will not enjoy the benefit of a discounted fare

Key Card Reminder: Please always TAP ON at the start of your trip and TAP OFF at the end of your trip

Register your Key Card

  • Register within 30 days and receive the $4.95 purchase price back in the Travel Wallet
  • Protects your fare in the event your Card is ever lost or stolen
  • Set up Autoload and your fare will always be there when you are ready to travel