TransPasses No Longer VALID for Weekday Travel on the Airport Regional Rail Line | Effective July 1, 2019

With the introduction of SEPTA Key on Regional Rail, the following fare changes will go into effect, as outlined in the current Tariff No.154 Supplement No. 40:

  • Weekly and Monthly TransPasses will no longer be accepted for Weekday and Non-Holiday travel on the Airport Line beginning July 1st
  • A Zone 1 or higher Weekly or Monthly TrailPass will be required for regular Weekday travel

Zone 1 TrailPasses are available for purchase on a SEPTA Key Card. Customers who currently use a Key Card for travel on the Airport Regional Rail will only need to change their purchase to a Zone 1 TrailPass.

Riders who buy their Monthly SEPTA Pass through a Corporate Benefits program or at Travelex Currency Services at Philadelphia International Airport will continue to receive a legacy Pass when they purchase a Zone 1 TrailPass.

TransPasses will continue to be valid for ANYWHERE travel on weekends and Regional Rail major holidays.

Learn more about the future of fare payment with the SEPTA Key program at